• Quality Assurance

    We guarantee that the methods we use for microbial control keep the highest possible quality.
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  • Accuracy

    All our equipments are validated and regularly calibrated and re-qualified.
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  • Expertise

    With our solid background in microbiology quality control we are your expert consultant. Our highly skilled team is here for you!
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Consulting Services

Support in microbiological testing & control

We support you in microbiological and aseptic matters and we can help you to evaluate and interpret the results of readings and reports. In addition, we offer support in planning of analyses, qualifications, investigations and risk assessments.

Qualification of Premises and Equipment


We can direct or participate as experts in the areas of hygienic design and GMP during, for example rebuilding, new constructions or purchase of new equipments. During a project, we ensure that the current microbiology and hygiene recommendations are followed.

With our expertise we can for example:
  • Structure accurate aseptic techniques
  • Control the hygenic design
  • Identify critical areas for sampling
  • Perform studies on airflow
  • Perform particle counts
  • Perform microbiological testing

Support during inspections

We can also assist with competence in microbiology and aseptic techniques during internal and external inspections.