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Growth Promotion Testing

Growth control of culture media


We perform growth promotion testing (GPT) on solid media and broths according to Ph Eur and USP. The purpose of the test is to ensure the quality and functionality of the media before using it for analysis. GPT should be performed on solid media and broths but not for dilution solutions and rinsing fluids.

GPT is performed by inoculating the product with ≤ 100 CFU of microorganisms, defined by the pharmacopoeia.  The test can be quantitative, at which 50 – 200% of the inoculated microorganisms should be recovered after incubation of the media, or it can be qualitative where the requirement is “growth” or “no growth”. GPT is described in Ph Eur 2.6.12 / USP (“Microbial Enumeration Test”), in Ph Eur 2.6.13 / USP (“Test for Specified Microorganisms”) and Ph Eur 2.6.1 / USP (“Sterility Test”).

In addition, we offer GPT for broths used in Closure Integrity Tests and Media Fill.  

Analysis result, lead time

Analysis time is dependent on the characteristics of the growth media/broth but normal lead time from sample registration to analysis repoprt out is 5-10 working days.