• Quality Assurance

    We guarantee that the methods we use for microbial control keep the highest possible quality.
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  • Accuracy

    All our equipments are validated and regularly calibrated and re-qualified.
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  • Expertise

    With our solid background in microbiology quality control we are your expert consultant. Our highly skilled team is here for you!
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Educational courses

Educational courses

PharmaControl offers educational courses.

Did you know that PharmaControl offers a variety of educational courses in areas such Microbiology, GMP and Quality? Examples include:

• Microbiology and Aseptics
• Microbiological Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Production
• GMP for microbiological work
• Qualification of the Environmental Hygiene Samplers
• Reading of microorganisms
• Hygienic Techniques for sampling of raw materials
• Hygienic Techniques at water sampling

The courses are held at our premises or on your premises based on what is most appropriate for you. In addition to the above courses, we can develop customized solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!