Environmental Monitoring

Testing of surrounding hygiene according to GMP


Frequent testing of the surrounding hygiene ensures that the environmental conditions support a state of control within the laboratory.  Environmental control is a GMP required process for classified premises. In order to know what type of microorganisms that are present in the environment and if the population changes over time, we identify isolated microorganisms.

We perform environmental monitoring for the following areas:
  • Air (active air sampling and settle plates)
  • Surfaces (sampling with contact plates or swabs)
  • Clothes
  • Gloves
  • Process air (compressed air and gas)
We also have the possibility to incubate, read and evaluate samples taken by yourself.

Are you in the process of classifying your clean room or setting up an environmental monitoring plan for your premises? We can support you during your process! You will find more information under consulting services.

Analysis result, response time

Environmental sampling is planned to best suit your business activities. Normal lead time from sampling to analysis report-out are 4-6 business days.