Microbial Culture Media

Preparation – Sterilization – QC


We prepare and sterilise a number of different growth media for microorganisms, currently we have around 100 different recipes. We also have the possibility to prepare media according to our customers’ needs.

Growth promotion testing (GPT) is performed on all our prepared media but we can also do GPT on your own media, as well as media purchased from commercial suppliers.

Some of the most common growth media prepared at PharmaControl are:
  • TSA agar
  • R2A agar
  • TSB (Tryptic Soy Broth)
  • Thio (Thioglycollate Broth)

Analysis result, lead time

Lead time for sterilization, preparation and quality control will be agreed with you as customer. Normal lead time  is for media preparation and sterilization 5 business days and for quality control 5-10 business days. This will give a total lead time from order to delivery of 10-15 business days.