• Quality Assurance

    We guarantee that the methods we use for microbial control keep the highest possible quality.
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  • Accuracy

    All our equipments are validated and regularly calibrated and re-qualified.
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  • Expertise

    With our solid background in microbiology quality control we are your expert consultant. Our highly skilled team is here for you!
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Incubation and reading

Incubation and reading

Do you need relief from standard tasks? More info below.

We pride ourselves on our high level of expertise in microbiology, quality, and manufacturing, which makes us your expert partner. But did you know that we can also relieve your workload by taking over simple standard tasks that steal your valuable time, such as incubation and reading of agar plates? By outsourcing routine tasks you will free resources that instead can be used for value-added work. Do not hesitate to contact us for how we can help you!

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