• Quality Assurance

    We guarantee that the methods we use for microbial control keep the highest possible quality.
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  • Accuracy

    All our equipments are validated and regularly calibrated and re-qualified.
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  • Expertise

    With our solid background in microbiology quality control we are your expert consultant. Our highly skilled team is here for you!
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  • PharmaControl
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  • General Terms and Conditions

The vision of PharmaControl, which is part of the Eurofins BioPharma group, is to be the qualitative foremost contract laboratory for microbiological analysis of raw material, in process samples, end product and environmental control for the pharmaceutical- , biotech- and medical device industry. We value quality and service and we can offer cost-effective solutions to our customers.

We live up to our commitments in quality and timelines and we understand the importance of a good communication with our customers.

Our personnel are highly skilled, engaged and accountable. Our organisation has more than 30 years experience in microbiological quality control, risk assesments and production support within the pharmaceutical- , biotech- and medical device industry.

A number of our employees have a PhD and solid experience within the areas of

  • medical microbiology
  • immunology
  • molecular biology
  • pharmacology 
  • food technology

With our highly skilled team and well equipped laboratories we can offer comprehensive microbiological analysis and validations, performed according to current Ph Eur, USP, GMP, ISO as well as other methods according to your requests. Full validation of analytical methods, microbiological testing and investigations are also provided for our customers.


PharmaControl MQL AB was founded in 2007 and took over the existing microbiological laboratory at Uppsala Business Park.  The laboratory was built in 1985 by Pharmacia which was later acquired by Pfizer. Over the years, the laboratory has gone through extensive rebuilding and extensions.  When Pfizer decided to move their business overseas, parts of the laboratory was acquired by PharmaControl.

PharmaControl’s business is today running in the premises and to a large extent with the same personnel and equipment, originating from the microbiological QC laboratory of Pfizer.

On November 30, 2017, PharmaControl was acquired by Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Sweden AB and has since been part of the Eurofins BioPharma Group.

Organisation En 20161208


PharmaControl MQL AB (henceforward PharmaControl) is responsible, with the restrictions below, for injury PharmaControl is causing the customer through error or negligence in the performance of its duties. The liability only covers compensation for direct costs for error or omission. It does not cover consequential damages (indirect losses) such as loss of profits, anticipated savings, loss of income or other financial damage.
PharmaControl’s liability does not cover damages caused by customer such as that he provided wrong information or, without the approval of PharmaControl, made changes to the results provided by PharmaControl. PharmaControl's total liability for damages as a result of assignment is limited to one base amount.

The limitations of PharmaControls liability do not apply in case of personal injury or damage due to serious negligence of PharmaControl. The responsibility shall in this case be ruled by law.
Right to damages as described above is forfeited if the claim is not presented in writing without delay and no later than three months after the customer has received the results of the analysis. 

Report-out time to customer

PharmaControl analyzes samples all working days of the week. Laboratory normally begin analysis same day as sample arrives at the laboratory as long the samples arrives before 14:00. Samples arriving on such a day of the week that readings fall on a holiday, reporting of the analysis is performed next working day.

Express Service conducted under normal working hours 8:30 to 16:45 is available at surcharge. Express analyses that arrive during daytime at weekdays are prioritized for analysis same day, followed by reading, review and report-out the earliest possible working day. Express Service outside normal working hours and on holidays will be charged normal list price plus a fixed fee per session. Express Service should be requested in writing by e-mail or on the delivery note. 

In such cases when a sample arrives to PharmaControl with a non-complete delivery note a delay of one working day can be exptected. 

Payment Terms

Payment terms are normally 30 days net. Interest will be charged on overdue payments. PharmaControl reserves the right to credit review.


Customer has the right to, after requesting with reasonable notice; inspect PharmaControls facilities, quality systems and all analytical documentation (including raw data) for customer samples once per year. Such inspection is carried out during normal working hours or at another mutually agreed-upon time. Under the same conditions, third parties inspecting the customer are able to perform inspections. Examples of such party is MPA.

Return of Samples

Unless specifically agreed, samples are saved three weeks after analysis results are reported. Thereafter, leftover samples are destroyed. The leftover samples can be returned to customer upon request and against cost price.

Raw Data

Raw data (original) is filed by PharmaContro for at least 5 years unless otherwise agreed in writing. After 5 years the customer is asked to bring home the  methane concentration documentation. If the customer chooses not to, the documentation is destroyed under controlled conditions.


It is the responsibility of the customer to always supply PharmaControl with relevant information of the substance to be analyzed. It is of outermost importance that carcinogenic, corrosive, toxic or otherwise harmful substances are clearly and correctly labeled. Material Safety Data Sheets must be enclosed at delivery of the substance or sent to PharmaControl before delivery.


Deviation from this may occur and is regulated in business and quality agreements between the parties.