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Disinfectant tests

Testing of relevant microorganisms and surfaces


The choice of disinfectant should be based on the suitability for the production environment. It is also important to evaluate the effect of the disinfectant against microorganisms that might exist in these Environments.

According to USP <1072> (“Disinfectants and Anticeptics”), which describes testing of disinfectants to be used in graded areas, all disinfectants should be analysed with respect to the efficiency of existing microorganisms. The validation should demonstrate that the methods and disinfectants used are efficient against isolates of microorganisms coming from the production environment of interest. Testing is done in laboratory size scale on relevant surfaces.


We perform disinfectant test according to USP <1072> to ensure that the different disinfectants used for equipments and surfaces are effective. Both quality control strains and environmental strains isolated from your premises are tested for resistance against the disinfectants used. The effect of the disinfectants are tested both in solution and on relevant surface materials.

AAMI TIR 12:2010 describes disinfectants and testing on medical device for multiple usages. We perform tests on the cleaning process of medical device in accordance with AAMI TIR 12:2010. To ensure the patient safety, the cleaning process shall have a documented effect on dirt and effectively reduce the number of microorganisms tested.